Stay Open Before God With Your Bible Open Before God S01 | E46

Katie Hubbard’s journal entries from mid-November 2015 cover the range of emotions from gratitude to repentance to impatience for a cure for cancer. Two things stand out: First, all her emotional output is directed God-ward. It’s gratefulness to God, repentance toward God, and impatience with God … before God. Second, all her emotional wrestling is done with an open Bible on her lap as she reads Genesis and Exodus. Katie rarely (if ever) engaged in an emotional free-for-all. She usually processed her heart on the pages of her journal through the pages of the Scripture she was reading. If her journals offer one, consistent challenge to all of us, whether we are praying for a cure for cancer or not, it is to stay open before God with our Bibles open before God.

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