“Dealing with a Stage IV Diagnosis” S01 | E07

How do you keep living forward day after day with a Stage IV cancer diagnosis? If you’re Katie, you just open your Bible up and read the next passage. Then, you open your journal up and write out the verse(s) that meant the most to you, underlining the words that matter most.

That’s what you find in her journal entry from Feb 6, 2015. It’s obvious that she wanted to see the salvation of the Lord, just as Israel had. Of course, she was working out that longing while saying “Everyday is such an effort to get up and get going.” That’s what a Stage IV cancer diagnosis hands you: a hard option to trust God in the face of continual fatigue.

For Katie, one bright spot was the overwhelming kindness of friends who were renovating our motorhome. Another was a fun-filled night for The Navigators at the University of Illinois, a formal Katie helped plan to bless students.


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