“You Have Taught Me Stillness Through Illness” | S01E18

Through her journey with cancer, Katie Hubbard had to learn an art of stillness that deepened her faith in God. She believed that God himself was a strong rock that remained stable when all else was shifting or uncertain. From that place of stability, she offered one of her deepest prayers in her final year: “not my will but yours be done”.

Join Katie as she reflects on this prayer of Jesus: it’s not resignation but total trust. So deep had her own faith taken her through hours of stillness on the long road of cancer that she actually says, “If it weren’t for Norman and the kids, I don’t know if I would ask for healing.”

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  1. “Ask and let God sort it out.” -I can hear Katie saying that. She had SUCH trust in God’s will. It was really tender and amazing to hear her summit herself to whatever God would have happen.

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