“I Will Have Wounds. Jesus, You Too Have Wounds.” S02 | E05

In her journal entries for mid-March 2009, Katie Hubbard describes the apprehension she felt after and MRI biopsy to determine whether her breast cancer had spread. “What will today bring?” she asks the Lord. “Good news? Bad news? No news?” This is the tension every person (and family) lives with after an initial cancer diagnosis. In Katie’s case, she received bad news that she would have to have a mastectomy. This led her to a lot of soul-searching and she cried out to God for help. One of the most searching moments you will find her journal comes when she writes, “I will have wounds. You have wounds … but you had no anesthesia.” In the midst of her pain, she was discovering how Jesus had entered her pain already to be with her in the suffering.

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