“I Feel Like The Train Has Gone Off The Rails” | S01E09

When Katie wrote the two entries featured on today’s podcast, cancer treatment and pain medication had combined to leave her so low you can actually see it in her handwriting. If you only had her journal entries, you would assume that she was simply sitting in her bedroom trying to get over her fatigue and nausea. Far from it!

Though she was not letting on to anyone (not even me!) how bad she felt, she was still opening up our home to international guests and visiting alumni. She was also welcoming former students who were learning their chops as new parents.

Where does a person find inner resources to keep giving her life away when cancer treatment and pain medication leave you almost powerless? Katie would surely say the resources didn’t come from her, but from God. At least, that’s what her journals show. She honestly cried out for help and experienced it in real life.

Katie’s journal entry actually reveals how bad she felt. Yet, she kept opening her home and life to others.

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