“I Have So Much To Learn” S01E04

In these two entries from early 2015 (dated January 12 and 14), Katie laments how judgmental she feels as a parent. She has been hard on our son’s faults while ignoring her own. She considers the example of the father in the parable of the prodigal son and expresses how much she wants to be generous, rather than judgmental. She also journals about an encouraging word on parenting from a friend. You just show up with what you have—your five loaves and two fish—and trust God for the rest.

“In everything give thanks …”
“In the Bois de Boulogne” by Berthe Morisot
As a parent, show up with your five loaves and trust God
“I feel like I have so much to learn.”

In case you’re wondering, I did ask our son Tom if it was OK for me to share these entries. His response blessed me greatly: “Yeah I’m fine with it honestly. Not scared of my past … .”

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