*New Season “Yesterday, I Found Out I Have Breast Cancer” S02 | E01

Welcome to the second season of There Are Good Things Here, the podcast where we follow Katie Hubbard’s journal entries through her first year with a breast cancer diagnosis. The podcast opens with Katie’s prayers and reflections on the normal busy-ness of life with four kids, lots of company, and the stresses of life near the end of the Great Recession. Katie’s practice had always been to process her days in prayer to God, often writing out her prayers in her journal. On January 27, 2009, she received word that a biopsy on a mass from her right breast had come back positive for breast cancer. What do you do when life takes such an unexpectedly hard turn? You turn to God and the truths of his word. At least, that’s what Katie Hubbard did when she was first confronted with an initial breast cancer diagnosis.

Katie Hubbard’s journal entry when she was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009

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