“Is It Possible To Go Through Cancer and Triumph Gloriously?” S02 | E02

As Katie Hubbard tried to wrap her mind around her initial diagnosis of breast cancer, she was not traveling alone. The philosopher-pastor Dallas Willard was helping shape her thinking through his book, The Renovation of the Heart. She wondered whether it was possible for God to transform her in the midst of her trials. In her words, “What if all of these tribulations produced perseverance, character, and hope? What if I looked to the future glorying in tribulations, instead of cowering in fear that something might go wrong?” What if your trials could accomplish the same thing in you? Katie Hubbard was not simply trying to wrap her mind around an initial cancer diagnosis; rather, she was fixing her mind on the promises of God in Jesus Christ.


  1. You spoke of “rough sledding” in your ministry at UIUC. I hope you’re aware that this very ministry (that seemed so hard at the time) was an enormous blessing in our son’s life as he attended UIUC. It is not at all hard to imagine that many students experienced the same benefits. Thank you for investing, as you did, in college students’ lives; the fruit of your efforts is very evident in our son’s life. Perhaps someday, when we’re all with the Lord, I will be able to thank Katie, also.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan. I will never forget our years with William. I actually remember my first significant encounter with him at Twin City Bible Church. What a sharp and eager mind he had. I pray God’s richest blessings on him.

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