“Not One. Single. Regret” | S01E15

In this episode, Katie Hubbard talks about living life as a mom in ministry with no regrets. When you say ‘yes’ to Jesus, you often walk an unconventional road. However, as Katie makes clear in a journal entry and email, the way is filled with blessing.

You will appreciate Katie’s characteristic humor in this podcast, along with her down to earth account about the challenges of motherhood. More than that, I hope you’ll be inspired to keep saying ‘yes’ to the Lord. There may be no greater joy than to look on a life well-lived and say, “I know it’s coming to an end, and I would do it all again.” Are you living life with no regrets?


  1. Dear Norm, thank you so much for sharing all this and in so doing offering so many blessings to anyone who listens.

  2. Oh my goodness… I’m bawling! Norman, I’m so blessed by your investment to continue teaching each of us through Katie’s journals. Thank you, Norman. 🥰

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