“I Do Not Interest Me” | S01E02

Katie felt pressure to write but only wanted to glorify God
Katie managed the pressure she felt to write by writing … in her journal.

Anytime you write something for others to read, there’s a bit of felt pressure that sneaks in with it. Katie’s journals, of course, were her private prayers and meditations. She also kept up a blog for many years on Caring Bridge. Many of you probably kept up with her life story there. In fact, I encourage you to visit her Caring Bridge page to read her writings for yourself.

What you’ll discover is that Katie was an amazing writer with depth of soul and keen wit. Almost every time she posted an entry, people would say to her, “You should write a book!” I told her that so many times, I lost count. Every time, she would unfailingly look at me and say, “I have four children. When am I supposed to find time to write a book?”

Even so, she was often thinking about it and making notes about her book, which she provisionally titled, “Good Things Here”. What I didn’t know is that she was also inwardly processing the pressure she felt to write. In short, she concluded that she would only write for the glory of God. She never published a book, but she left behind 50 journals that reveal even more of her soul than her public posts did.

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  1. Norm:
    I love this post. She was one of the most humble and faith filled people I know, and I am grateful to have been her friend. Blessings to you as you share these. They are an encouragement to my heart.

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